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Capsized Fishing Boat

  • Date of Shout 01/05/2022

  • Time of Shout 10:11

  • Location of Shout In water roughly half a mile from Port Bawn and Torrinch

  • Shout Details Fishing boat with 3 occupants capsized. 3 persons in water, 4 kayakers were on scene providing assistance. 3 person's not wearing lifejackets. Shout attended by LLRB and National Park "Osprey". LLRB recovered three casualties and took them to Duncan Mills slipway where they were met by ambulance crews. Casualties assessed and warmed up in ambulance. NP towed capsized boat back to Milarrochy Bay, LLRB then returned to Milarrochy in order to assist in righting the boat and dragging it onto shoreline. Fuel removed from boat.

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