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  • Date of Shout 04/06/2023

  • Time of Shout 17:47

  • Location of Shout Boturich Shoreline

  • Shout Details LLRB were requested by Police Scotland to provide medical and transport support to an incident with reports of a female collapsed just below Boturich Castle on the Eastern shore of the Loch Lomond. Once launched LLRB liaised with Police and Ambulance crew at Balloch Park slipway and proceeded to transport the Ambulance crew to the incident. Once on scene LLRB provided support to Ambulance crew and reassurance the the casualty, once the Ambulance crew were satisfied the casualty was stable enough to travel LLRB then transported the casualty and Ambulance crew to Balloch Park where an ambulance was waiting for further observations and onward treatment at hospital. LLRB informed Police Service Overview and returned to our summer station at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway.

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